Children’s Facial Proportions

I’ve had several people ask for aids in carving a child’s head. The proportions of a child are quite different from that of an adult. For example, while an adult’s eyes are halfway between the top of the head and the bottom of the chin, a child’s eyebrows are at that halfway point.

baby toman

A baby has an under-developed lower half of the face. The neck is undeveloped and so the head looks like it projects in the back, and the neck seems quite narrow below the ears.

baby propkmpl

As the teeth come in and the nose and jaw areas develop, the lower part of the face becomes progressively longer until, at maturity, the eyes are in the center of the head.

baby to boyS


Male-Female Facial Features

Question: What suggestions can you give me for carving a woman’s face. All my carvings of women look like men.

Ivan Sez:

Because the general proportions of men and women’s faces are the same, it is key to understand the subtle differences between them. (Click on the illustrations to enlarge them.)

manwoman 001

>A face with sharp edges almost always looks masculine because the skull ridges show more on a man’s face. if your carving has a strong brow ridge, it will look masculine because a woman has a smooth forehead. The strong brow ridge makes a man’s eyebrows look straight across. The lack of a brow ridge makes a woman’s eyebrows arched. The hairline is important, too. A man’s hairline is higher at the corners, particularly as a man gets older. A woman’s hairline is more rounded around the face.

The nose of a woman’s face is narrower and softer, often upturned at the tip. It, too, shows less influence of the skull bones below the bridge. A woman’s jaw line is softer, the lower part of her face narrower. The mouth is fuller and not so wide as a man’s

A woman’s neck looks longer, narrower than a man’s, and, of course, she has no
Adam’s apple.
man to womanp